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Houston-based designer, Cynthia Ann, is infatuated by the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian era jewelry. In year 2000, Cynthia Ann was grieving the loss of her mother from Cancer. She went on a spiritual journey in Europe when she came across an antique coin that reminded her of her mother. She collected many pieces from this trip and began designing around these relics into wearable art. Cynthia Ann Jewels was born. 

Her collection “Ancient & Old” consists of authentic antique crosses & coins. She hand picks each piece and repurposes them into pendants. The original coins & crosses were made by hand, not machines, and were calling to be "re-purposed" and "re-loved". The history, brilliant craftsmanship and unique stones are what drew her to each precious piece. They’re lovingly and uniquely designed to enhance their original history and beauty making each piece one of a kind. 

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