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Love rubies - don't love the price?

LaNae helps you decide how to get the most red for your money.

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The Royal Reds...

Few things evoke passion, royalty & power like the majestic brilliance of the ruby. 
Cleopatra’s fire-y love affairs come to mind when we see this beautiful stone. Its quality & 
value are immeasurable, so there’s no doubt what you’ll be getting when you add this regal 
stone to your collection.

Red sapphires are another stunning stone that are often used as an alternative to the ruby.
Rubies & red sapphires are both a form of corundum mineral & almost identical, with 
mirroring properties. What distinguishes these two precious gems are color, availability, cost 
& meaning.

Besides intense passion, rubies are associated with good luck, protection and inspiration. 
Real rubies are somewhat rare, especially those dark, blood red varieties that are truly 
coveted. Rubies without imperfections are incredibly rare and command prices even higher 
than diamonds of the same quality!

Sapphires are far more common than rubies, and are associated with divine knowledge, 
blessings, sincerity and faithfulness. They are frequently found in carat sizes that exceed the 
size of most ruby gemstones. Red sapphires are actually deep pink or light red. Once they've 
achieved that deep red hue associated with a ruby, they are, in fact, categorized as a ruby. 

Now is when you’re thinking, “Okay, so should I opt for the ruby or go the red sapphire 
route?” Color, cost & availability are the factors to take into account.

Rubies are always red, while sapphires range the color spectrum as shown in the necklace on the top left. With sapphires, the deeper the pink color, the higher their value, as long as the color is tending toward the red of rubies. 

A minimum color saturation must be met to be called a ruby in the U.S. Otherwise the stone 
is a pink sapphire. The finest rubies have a vivid, medium-dark toned red.

The differences in the availability between natural rubies and sapphires have a direct impact 
on their price differences. Rubies are valued much higher than sapphires because of their 

Invest in the ruby, & you obtain a passionate piece of history dating back to ancient royalty.
Want a similar feeling of regality without spending like a royal? Then the reddish hue sapphire is a 
brilliant choice for this brilliant stone. 

Relish in your royal reds ladies!  If however you decided maybe you're more into pink after all - check out our Which Pink To Pick? blog post to really know your stuff.