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Breaking down which pink to pick at LaNae Fine Jewelry

Love pink? We will tell you how to get the pink you want at the price you want

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Breaking down which pink to pick at LaNae Fine Jewelry All Entries

Breaking down which pink to pick at LaNae Fine Jewelry

Which Pink to Pick?

Pink is having a moment, and pink, rosy stones are a statement piece you’ll want for seasons to come. You may find yourself wondering, which pink stone should I invest in? Today we’ll delve into two of the most popular gems, pink Morganite & Tourmaline. Tourmaline is typically 30-40% more expensive than Morganite. If you’re a newbie to these two stones, here are some deets to familiarize yourself before sussing out the price differentials.

Pink Tourmaline appears in every conceivable shade, from delicate pales to neon hots. There are even the uber-unique bi & tri colored pinks, such as the watermelon Tourmaline. Tourmaline is durable, wears well, & has high clarity. Rare versions, such as Paraiba, procure a higher price tag & are gaining popularity as an alternative to the diamond. They are a currently a leading trend in the luxury Asian markets. The more common varieties can be quite affordable, while the exotic command high prices.

Pink Morganite is a peachy, fine, transparent variety of the stone. It is delicate, blushingly feminine & radiant. It usually has a rosy salmon quality & is surprisingly affordable for its beauty & value. Price depends on size, saturation and overall quality. And you get a little cocktail trivia thrown in with your new piece. Morganite is named after JP Morgan, the financier who was a serious gem collector!

So now that you know the differences between these two ultra-feminine, rosy stones, which to choose, so you’ll be tickled pink with your new pink stone?

Essentially, it all boils down to your color preference, since their value is based on intensity & saturation.  Tourmaline has a higher value than Morganite due to its natural superiority in both regards. It saturates more deeply in smaller stone weights, and since you achieve that intense pink easier, it’s generally priced higher.

That said, if you’re looking for a pink that’s is full of sparkle but don’t need the high saturation levels, Morganite is absolutely the right choice for you. A fun, flirty pair of pink Morganite earrings can easily be had without the price premiums of the Tourmaline.

Hope this gives you new insight into those rosy stones we all adore!

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