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How to Determine the Value of Different Turquoise Hues

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How to Determine the Value of Different Turquoise Hues All Entries

Image of Persian Blue Turquoise
Medium blue turquoise, also called Persion turquoise, is highly prized for its purity.
Image of Green Turquoise
Green turquoise is favoured for its scarcity.

Considering that turquoise appears in different shades of blue, blueish-green, green and yellowish-green you may wonder, is there a particular color that is more valuable than another? 

In its purest form turquoise is a hydrous, phosphate blend aluminum and copper that presents in a medium blue color. This shade of blue is often described as robin’s egg blue or sky blue, although it can also be referred to as ‘Persian blue”, after one of the most prestiges sources in Iran. 

Occasionally iron and/or zinc make their way into the composition and substitute either the aluminum or copper. In the case where the aluminum is substituted the turquoise will turn a shade of green, however when the copper is substituted, the turquoise will turn totally green. 

Therefore, the level of copper determines the intensity of the color blue, whilst the level of iron and zinc determine the intensity of the color green.

Nowadays avocado and lime green turquoise are very popular among many contemporary designers. At LaNae Fine Jewelry we stock a range of turquoise jewelry, visit us in Vail, Colorado to shop turquoise jewelry by some of the most esteemed designers. 

Due to its scarcity there are many collectors who hold green shades of turquoise in higher regard, but the consensus is that medium blue turquoise remains the most prized color because of its purity, and also because blue minerals in general are harder to come by.

Considering both arguments, purity versus scarcity, it is up to individual preference as to which color is more cherished. Technically speaking though, whether it be blue or green, the better the natural saturation, intensity, consistency and clarity of the color, the more valuable the stone becomes. 

It would be remiss not to mention the importance of the natural color of turquoise. These days many turquoise are dyed to meet the demand for the color blue, but dyed turquoise are much less valuable than non-dyed turquoise. 

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