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Comparing Natural and Lab Created Diamonds

Discover the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds at LaNae Fine Jewelry. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect diamond for your special occasion. Learn about the latest eco-friendly diamond technology and find out how each type of diamond is made. Bring the sparkle of a beautiful diamond to your jewelry collection. Shop LaNae Fine Jewelry for the best in natural and lab-grown diamonds.

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Comparing Natural and Lab Created Diamonds All Entries

Image of The Difference Between Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds
With no physical or optical difference between lab grown and natural diamonds there is only the investment value to consider.

In recent years the process of creating lab-grown diamonds has well and truly taken off. Simply put, scientists can create lab-grown diamonds in a matter of weeks by isolating carbon and layering it onto itself.

In essence there is no difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds other than the amount of time it takes to grow. Both diamonds are chemically and optically identical. For this reason gemologists rely on highly specialized equipment to detect crystal patterns and trace elements in order to distinguish between lab-grown and natural diamonds.

The speed at which lab-grown diamonds are created have both a positive and negative impact on investment. On the upside, a lab-grown diamond can be purchased for 20 - 40 percent less than a natural diamond of the same characteristics. On the downside, due to mass production, lab-grown diamonds are not as exclusive or rare and are likely to depreciate over time. For this reason LaNae Fine Jewelry provides our buyers with a gem certificate to identify when a diamond is lab-grown.

At our store in Vail, Colorado we appreciate the unique appeal that both lab-grown and natural diamonds offer our customers. When deciding between a natural and lab-grown diamond it might help to think of it as buying a print versus an original picture, in some instances it is worth paying the extra money, and in other instances not. Lab-grown diamonds can be a really good choice when you're not investing in a long term or sentimental jewlery item, such as an engagement ring. Lab-grown diamonds are also a great alternative if you are purchasing less of a statement piece, perhaps a pair of diamond studs. Finally, you may want to consider lab grown diamonds when you are purchasing a piece of jewelry that is fashionable at the moment, but likely to go out of style further down the line.

Although lab-grown diamonds are often of better quality due to the controlled environment in which they are created, they include flaws and inclusions just the same as natural diamonds. Both natural and lab-grown diamonds are subject to the same grading process according to color, clarity, cut and carat. 

An added benefit of growing diamonds in a lab is that the process can be manipulated in order to produce diamonds in colors that are rarely found in nature. Since lab-grown diamonds are physically and chemically the same as natural diamonds, they have equal durability and will not get cloudy over time.

At LaNae Fine Jewelry we love diamonds as much as you do. Pop by our store in Vail, Colorado and be amazed by our wide selection of diamond jewelry.