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Grading Pink Sapphires: What Does It Involve?

At LaNae Fine Jewelry, we grade our Pink Sapphires with the utmost care and attention. Our grading process is based on the 4 Cs: color, clarity, cut and carat. Our experts inspect each gemstone for quality and then assign it a grade that reflects its unique characteristics. We source only the best Pink Sapphires to ensure a flawless appearance and durability, making your purchase something you can admire for years to come.

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Grading Pink Sapphires: What Does It Involve? All Entries

Image of How Pink Sapphires are Graded
Color, clarity, carat and cut are referred to as the 4 Cs when grading a Pink Sapphire.

At LaNae Fine Jewelry we know that due to many unique variables and the subjective nature of grading colored stones, a uniform grading system does not exist. However, subjective or not, the criteria used to grade pink sapphires are often referred to as the 4Cs, and include color, clarity, carat and cut. With this criteria in mind, our team in Vail, Colorado is passionate in ensuring that each of our jewelry items maximize the true potential of the stone. 

Colored stones, of which the pink sapphire is one, are primarily graded on their color. This includes color tone, saturation and purity of color. Generally speaking the higher the color saturation of a pink sapphire, the more valuable the stone becomes. Furthermore, an organically pink sapphire that has not been enhanced by various oil and heat treatments, also becomes more exclusive and by default, more expensive.

Due to the crystal formation of the sapphire many natural inclusions exist that affect the clarity of the stone. When inspected under a microscope, inclusions such as silk, needles, fingerprints and feathers will almost always be present, and for this reason clarity grading takes place at eye level. Though the appearance of inclusions are not desirable, such inclusions are evidence of the stones authenticity.

The size of a stone’s carat weight is another indication of the stone’s rarity. The larger the carat weight, the rarer the stone, and the more expensive it becomes. As such a 2 carat stone is more expensive per carat, than a 1 carat stone of comparable characteristics.

While color, clarity and carat are natural characteristics of a sapphire, the cut is dependent on human talent. When cutting the natural stone a gemcutter works with the stone’s color and inclusions in order to optimize the brilliance and weight of the end product. A symmetrical or round cut is preferred in order to reflect light at the proper angles. A deeper cut can cause a less saturated pink sapphire to appear to have a richer, darker color whilst the other hand, a shallow cut can allow light to penetrate and soften the overall look of a darker pink sapphire. A well cut 1 carat sapphire can be more than double the worth of a poorly cut 1 carat sapphire of comparable characteristics.

At LaNae Fine Jewelry we pride ourselves in offering only the highest grade sapphires. If you have been captivated by the beauty of the pink sapphire, visit our store in Vail, Colorado where you will be spoilt for choice. In case you're struggling to decide between a pink sapphire and ruby, click here to find out what sets them apart.