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November's Citrine Deep Dive

Citrine vs. Yellow Topaz

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November's Citrine Deep Dive All Entries

Highlighting November’s Birthstone: Citrine!

As the days get colder & darker, we are craving radiance; colors to evoke sipping cool lemonade in a sun-drenched meadow. Citrine, November’s birthstone, is a gem that truly delivers sunshine.  This deeply radiant yellow stone has mellow warmth that glows like the embers of a fire. 

Citrine’s name is derived from both the word citrus & from its color, the deep, vibrant yellow of lemons. A hard & durable stone, it is one of the most popular & valuable varieties of quartz, 

The most sought-after stones are a clear, radiant yellow to auburn red, but citrine ranges from light to dark yellows, orangey golds and golden browns.

Yellow stones are rare in nature, which adds to its value. The intensity & saturation of color also determine value.  Citrine is often compared to, or even mistaken for, yellow topaz, but they are definitely not one in the same. Besides quartz & topaz being different stones organically, what constitutes the difference between citrine & topaz? For one, topaz is considerably heavier and harder than quartz, so it can achieve a deeper fiery tone than citrine. Topaz exists in all colors of the rainbow. Topaz is considered purer & more exotic than citrine, and thus commands higher prices, but citrine is still highly valuable & stunningly radiant quartz in its own right.

If you are (and really, who isn’t?) seeking a warm, subtle, earthy glow, citrine will shimmer and radiate sunshine on these cold winter days.

Lemonade season may be over, but you can still have your citrus! Check out LaNae's collection of citrine here

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