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Yellow gold and the Designers who do it best.

Designers which specialize in yellow gold

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Yellow gold and the Designers who do it best. All Entries

Recently we've seen a huge trend in jewelry, customers moving almost completely to yellow or rose gold.  Yellow used to be big in the 80s-90s and fell out of fashion a bit with all the wedding rings moving to platinum however yellow is back in a big way.   While white gold still remains popular for heavy diamond set jewelry it's fallen out of fashion a bit when it comes to jewelry without a lot of stones.  Personally I believe this to be due to the fact that it's indistinguishable from silver for the common eye.  You can only fake gold plate for so long before you're left with something less than desirable.  

A few brands I'd like to highlight this week is Temple St. Clair, Shompole and FOPE.   First up to spotlight a newcomer - a nod to Shompole.  

Shompole has a very unique style being a completely handmade line - all pieces are unique and the weight of Shompole Collection pieces feels luxurious.  Sometimes they will add gemstones or diamonds but the real star of their collection is their matte finish and their substantial weight which when you pick one up, you expect the price to be double what it is. Like this Telsum Necklace, seen here. I applaud their ability to remain incredibly unique in style and true to making every piece as if it's an heirloom never cutting corners on weight.  If you're not a big diamond girl and love the bohemian look but with real gold, you'll fall in love with this line.

Temple St. Clair we've had at LaNae since February,  it's a brand with an Italian Renaissance art flair and one of a small group of American brands to make it into the Louvre.  Temple herself is a bit of a jewelry celebrity and if you see her enchanting collections you'll see why - she's a story teller with quaint ways of adding thoughtful design to even the most obscure parts of a ring. Like her 18k branch ring with diamonds, seen here.   Each piece she designs you can only imagine the hours of thought that went into it.  Its a more traditional high polish look with some movement in her zodiac pieces.  Her Tree of Life pendants and angels collection pieces are some of our best sellers.  

FOPE is probably the most traditional brand of the three with more engineering innovation vs. trendy design, FOPE jewelry from 10 years ago, blends perfectly with the pieces you can pick up today.  I have numerous women who come in with a FOPE necklace they got 10+ years ago in Italy that they wear every day.   The most unique thing about FOPE is their flex'it bracelet.  It's the only pure 18k gold bracelet in the world that's flexible.  All others have some form of memory steal or a spring system which is bound to break down over time.  FOPE's patented design has a closed system of an 18k gold spring which has a lifetime warranty to stretch and contract.  If you haven't tried on one of these amazing bracelets you'll be pleasantly surprised.  Check out our instagram here for videos of how their bracelets work and click here to see their bracelet collection.