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Labradorite... What You Need to Know

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Labradorite... What You Need to Know

Similar to moonstone, labradorite is also created by thin feldspar mineral layers that give it a unique feature not found elsewhere. When light shines on moonstone the light appears to be reflecting off it's surface, but when light shines on labradorite the light appears to be shining from within the stone. Giving it an incredibly unique appearance called labradorescence, or commonly referred to as the schiller effect.

Labradorite takes it name from it's point of first discovery in Labrador, Canada. The native peoples of Labrador, the Inuit, believed that the rocks on the shores of Labrador captured the light from the northern lights thus creating labradorite's iridescence. Many large labradorite stones are still found in Labrador many of the best gems now come from Finland, with the best gems being called sprectrolite. These stones are some of the most valuable due to their intense schiller effect, displaying the full spectrum of colors.  

The value of labradorite depends greatly on the degree of labradorescence the stone has coupled with its color and clarity. Natural labradorite that is red, green, or watermelon (red-green) is of the highest value and is considered rare, only being found in Oregon. While royal blue and gray to gray-black are also poplular choices. This flower ring by Cynthia Ann Jewels is a good example, can be viewed here.

Often times labradorite jewelry is designed with a doublet or triplet, meaning two or more stones have been put together to increase depth of color. Stones that are commonly included with labradorite include black onyx and topaz. Such as this ring from Armenta that features labradorite and black onyx accented by diamonds, viewed here

Every labradorite stone is unique making every piece of labradorite jewelry one of a kind. Such as these Labradorite and sky blue topaz earring charms, or this midnight blue labradorite and black onyx necklace, both by Jude Frances. Labradorite is a beautiful stone that will make the perfect gift for any occasion. Shop online or in store at LaNae Fine Jewelry in the Vail Village.

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