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Moonstone... Quality, Value, Lore

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Moonstone... Quality, Value, Lore All Entries

Moonstone... Quality, Value, Lore

Moonstone has long been treasured for is unique appearance and moon like shimmer. Often being described as soft moonlight grazing the top of open water, or moonlight streaming through the sky on a cloudy night. It is the only gem in the world that displays adularescence, moonstone's highly prized blue shimmer.

While moonstone comes in all different degrees of opaqueness and many different shimmer colors; the most valuable are those with a more translucent, colorless body with a bright blue shimmer. Such as these Royal Blue Moonstone Classic Trio Earrings seen here by Temple St. Clair. The moonstone’s shimmer is formed when orthoclase and albite, both feldspar minerals, are heated within the earth and then rapidly cooled. As they cool the two minerals separate and form very thin layers creating the moonstones iconic shimmer.

Moonstone can be cut into many different shapes but the one that displays the most shimmer are often cabochon cut, a rounded high dome cut that is highly polished to accentuate the stones shimmer. The Lauren K. Collection has a beautiful Moonstone Cabochon Ring, you can view here. A common practice with moonstone is to create a doublet stone, two layers of two different gems, usually a colored gem with a more colorless gem on top. An example of a moonstone doublet can be seen here. This bracelet, designed by Armenta, is made with a thin layer of blue turquoise joined together with a rainbow moonstone. The blue turquoise gives the moonstone a brighter blue hue.

Moonstone has been long prized all over the world. Such as in India where the moonstone is so highly cherished by the Hindu people that it may only be displayed if placed on yellow cloth, India’s most sacred color. While further east it is believed that moonstone is a symbol of good luck due to a powerful spirit that resides within each stone. Moonstone is also seen as a savior of relationships. When exchanged between a couple it is said to have the power to help heal and rekindle the love they felt for each other.

Whether you believe that moonstone will give you luck or bring you closer to your loved one; you can be assured you’ve picked a quality gem that will bring years of happiness to whomever is wearing it. You can view our collection of moonstone fine jewelry online by click here or come see us in person at LaNae Fine Jewelry.

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