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Gold Fill, Vermeil, Gold Plate - Know the differences

Gold Fill, Vermeil, Gold Plate - Know the differences

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Gold Fill, Vermeil, Gold Plate - Know the differences All Entries

Gold Fill, Vermeil, Gold Plate... so confusing.

Ever wonder what the technical difference is between these 3?   Well here you go!

Gold-plated – A base metal, like steel or brass, is electroplated with a very thin layer of gold. Because of the very thin gold plating, it can wear off quite easily, and should not be considered for everyday wearing. Some people have allergic reactions to plated jewelry. 10K gold is typically used in gold-plated jewelry and is marked with a GP. Gold-plated jewelry is the least expensive way to go when considering your next piece of jewelry.  You typically won't find gold plated in fine jewelry.

Gold-filled – The layer deposit is much thicker than gold-plated. A base metal, like brass or copper, is covered with a thicker layer of gold, permanently bonding it to the base metal, by use of a mechanical bonding process. Gold-filling is typically used with high end jewelry. At least 12K and 14K gold is used, marked with a GF and is known for its exceptional durability. It is a safe bet for those with sensitive skin. This is a great choice for items that will be word daily.     Here is an example of a gold filled + plated chain by Cynthia Ann Gold Fill and Plated Chain

Vermeil (Pronounced Ver-may) – This is when Sterling Silver is coated with a thick layer of gold by means of electrolysis. Vermeil has a lot more gold than that of plated materials, 14K 18K, 22K or 24K of gold is used and is marked with GV. It is also a great choice for those who have allergic reactions to plated jewelry and is more tarnish resistant. Also a perfect choice when considering the amount of time you will spend wearing the item. Here is a piece by Jude Frances which uses this process Venetian Kite Cuff

Vermeil or gold filled + plated options are great for saving money and getting that stunning gold look without the price point with the lasting wear you want. For more options available at LaNae click here.