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Absolutely unique blown glass works of art

Turning the sand of the ocean into absolutely unique blown glass works of art – Glass blowing art at Lanae Fine Jewelry

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Absolutely unique blown glass works of art All Entries

Absolutely unique blown glass works of art


Here at LaNae Fine Jewelry we are fortunate enough to be the exclusive retailer in Colorado State for his Artwork. Hr creates chandeliers, contemporary wall art even glass blown perfume bottles and much more. 
The creator, artist and owner of Blown Glass Art, resembles the true meaning of the word artist; He is devoted to and completely in love with his passion, glass blowing art. He has been perfecting this craft since 1993 from Glen Haven, CO, where he even custom built his own studio! He gathers his inspirations from the elements of the earth and is an internationally recognized Glass Blowing Artist and his artwork can be seen in the Ice Bar in Las Vegas, the Golden Nugget Casino also in Las Vegas and many privately owned collections all over the world. He is involved in charity work and has been featured in many articles as well as Style Magazine.   
The technique he uses is “off hand blowing” no molds are used and no grinding is done, which allows him to uniquely sculpt each and every piece. This is probably one of the purest ways of artistic expression. 

“Off hand blowing” is basically gathering the glass from an extremely hot furnace, about 2200 degrees, and then rolling it in colored glass chips made up of metal oxides to fuse with the molten glass thus creating the different colors. For instance if you use gold in its chloride form, it creates this Blood Red Glass Bowl, if cobalt is used, it creates all the blues of the ocean like this Blue Swirl Glass Platter and if chromium is used, it displays this most beautiful Green Palm Fond Platter. This is gravity sensitive work and the glass must be turned and heated constantly to create these fascinating pieces of art.

These phenomenal works of art, are the result of the use of some small tools and of course his experienced hands. 

 "The colors he uses are mixed to promote healing and generate health”  

So if you are looking for something spectacular to add to your art collection, you have come to the right place!!