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Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement Ring Trends

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Engagement Ring Trends All Entries

Engagement Ring Trends


Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is the most Romantic day of the year when anything can happen, especially if you have your eye on an Engagement Ring. With Valentine’s Day around the corner.   I thought I’d take some time here to share some of the Trends of 2015 with you. Here they are in no particular order:

Diamond Cluster Rings – This is definitely not your Traditional Engagement Ring! They add extra sparkle to any perfect manicure. This Diamond Cluster Ring is a perfect example, this one is by far my personal favorite! 
Gemstone Engagement Ring – These are an absolutely spectacular alternative to the Traditional Diamond Engagement Ring. You can even match these up with your birthstone. There are just too many to mention, here are a few examples:
Onyx Gemstone and Diamond Engagement Ring set in 14K White Gold, Rose de France Gemstone with Diamond pave accents set in 18K Rose Gold, South Sea Pearl with White and Yellow Diamonds set in 18K Yellow Gold, Orange Citrine and Diamond ring set in 18K Yellow Gold, Morganite Gemstoneand Diamond Ring set in 18K Rose Gold, Peridot Gemstone and Diamond ring set in 18K Yellow Gold. 

Fancy Diamond Shapes – Shapes like this Ascher shaped Diamond Engagement Ring featuring Floral Accents which is also on the Hottest Trend list. 

Vintage Inspired Looks – Everyone knows that “Vintage is the new Black” and we can even see this in Engagement Ring Trends too. This Taylor Bridal Ring and the Rebecca Bridal Ring with Floral Setting will go perfectly with the Vintage Inspired look and is to die for! 

Rose Gold & Yellow Gold – this trend sees us moving away from the White Gold Trend which mainly complemented fair or rosy skin tones. Rose Gold Engagement Rings like this one complements all skin tones, whereas a Yellow Gold Engagement Ring like this one compliments olive and darker skin tones. 

Something Unique – This Green Tourmaline Ring will definitely be a one-of a-kind Engagement Ring. You will most certainly stand out in any crowd. 

Eternity Bands as Engagement RingThis Eternity Band is absolutely gorgeous and also ties in with the Vintage Inspired Look as does this show stopper. These are just two examples but the options are limitless!!

If you are more of a Traditional Lady, we haven’t forgotten about you!! Here are some options for you too, these Engagement Rings will never let you down and are just spectacular!!

For the Engagement Ring Trends of 2015 you can be a little bit more adventurous when shopping for that perfect Ring. 

Happy Shopping!!