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Emily Armenta is a Texas-based designer that charms the customer between the old and new world. Each piece is handcrafted from precious metals and unique gemstones. The custom quality of Armenta’s timeless design allows the customer to layer and stack their way to their own personalization, that is unique to them. Armenta’s social mission offers training, education, and economic opportunity to women from disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition, a large percentage of the gold that Armenta uses comes from recycled gold to further protect the ecosystem and the indigenous peoples' lands.

You should be able to see the Spanish influence in Emily Armenta’s jewelry. But you should also be able to feel it. Her designs are influenced, more than anything, by the work of 20th-century Spanish poet-playwright Federico García Lorca and his idea of duende: “a power and not a behavior…the struggle that one must endure to create something of greatness.” Armenta has been creating her own totems of greatness for more than a decade—ornate oxidized silver and 18k gold pieces set with diamonds and richly colored gemstones. We can’t promise they’ll help you find your duende, but perhaps they’ll inspire you to try.

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